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Since the inception of DWT in 2010, we have raised over £750,000.

Thanks to the local community across the UK we have been able to deliver much needed aid and projects in Malawi.

We have a strong affiliation with all the local charities in the UK, with Bilal Trust and other charity organisations in Malawi to help us deliver the aid quickly and efficiently.

DWT has also helped Build 12 Houses in Pakistan housing families. It it our wish to encourage Self Help Projects to encourage families to look after themselves.

Iftaar packs

Distributed approximately in the last 12 years


Approximately 400 goats and 80 cows per year


Approximately 88 built in the last 10 years


DWT sponsors 96 orphans per year

A Letter from the Chairman

All praise is due to our Lord the Almighty, Our Creator and sustainer and abundant salutations upon our beloved prophet.
(May the Almighty send peace and blessings upon him).

It is solely through the grace of our Almighty, your continuous prayers and support that Dedza  Welfare Trust (DWT) has been working for 13 years mainly in Malawi and assisting globally in

Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world with over 80% living in rural areas and relying on small scale household farming. We are sincerely grateful for your understanding and continuous support you have given to DWT.

Therefore, you the donor, deserve to know where all your hard earned-money and generosity is being spent. I can assure everyone that the funds are being utilised accordingly.

In this report you will find the details and all the information of our projects. What makes our charity different is that we have kept our focus on Malawi, not only do we support the poor and
the needy, but we have expanded our development initiatives including education and self sustainable projects. It is with your trust and commitment that has allowed us to continue to not only provide emergency relief, but also transform lives in impoverished communities in Malawi and globally in emergencies. With your support, we will continue to expand even more to serve the needy and vulnerable families.

We have a team in UK and a team on the ground in Malawi, both who work tirelessly to  implement our projects and each member is invaluable. I am also humbled by the support we have received from other organisations and charity partners both locally and overseas. In  working together, there is no limit in what we can achieve in striving to serve humanity.

To conclude, on behalf of the trustees of DWT, I thank the Almighty who has made all this  possible and also would like to thank the donors, partners and volunteers.

May our Almighty accept the generous contributions of our donors, guide humanity towards the straight path forgive our shortcomings and enable us to serve humanity with great passion and


Mussa Saleh (Chair of Trustees)
Dedza Welfare Trust

With your donations, we are able to improve the lives of others.


  • Education Islamic as well as Secular.
  • Promote Health by means of medical access, clean drinking water.
  • Encourage and promote Self-help projects.