Maktabs and Madrasahs

The madrasahs and maktabs are the principle areas of Islamic culture in the local villages. The local maktabs are the roots of faith and knowledge. This is where the children first start to study the Qur’an. DWT needs your support to preserve the future of the next generation, in Malawi.

DWT are currently sponsoring 53 maktabs in rural Dedza District. DWT are also sponsoring th Straight Path Academy in Namwera, Mangochi District. The academy has 200 madrasah students and 50 full-time boarding students, including 20 orphans.

Sponsor a local maktab – £700 per year
Sponsor a student – £25 per year

Zakaat, Sadaqah and Lillah accepted

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Total project cost:
Student sponsor: £25 per year
Local Maktab Sponsor: £700 per year

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Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah