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Our DWT scholarship programme, in partnership with IZF (Malawi), offers a full education scholarship. Scholarships cover the cost of school, college or university for aspiring male and female students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds in Malawi.

DWTs ethos has always been to open doors to increased access to education which can contribute to reducing poverty. As we are aware, acquired basic skills such as reading, writing and numeracy have documented as positive attributions to marginalized populations’ incomes. We believe that the main tool to fight poverty and famine is education.

Since DWT took initiative of paying fees for the students, thousands have benefited. Their social / economic life has changed for the better and they are able to support their families and are now paying Zakat themselves. ICBM is proud to see many students continue with further studies after diploma and now have undergraduate and post graduate

International College of Business and Management (ICBM) benefits from DWT, in partnership with Bilal Trust in Malawi, who pay for the UK based examination fees for students for the following diploma courses:

• Business Management
• Marketing Management
• Human Resources Management
• Community Development
• Public Health Management

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