Orphan Sponsorship

DWT are working in partnership with Malawi registered charity, An-Nasihah Trust, for residential support to help sponsor extremely poor orphaned children. We aim to provide for the children, lifechanging basic, daily needs, which includes nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education. A child sponsored by the donor will receive a full profile report of the child’s Islamic and Secular progress for the year.

DWT have embarked on orphan secular secondary sponsorships in partnership with IZF (Malawi). This is a fully integrated education programme, with full profiles of the orphans and then identifying their local school and needs.

Sponsor an orphan for only £450 a year
Sponsor the secondary education of an orphan for only £360 a year

Zakaat, Sadaqah and Lillah accepted

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Total project cost:
Orphan residential £450 per year
Orphan secondary education: £360 per year

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Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah